Criminal Defense

An Effective Advocate for the Accused

With extensive experience representing individuals in both State and Federal criminal prosecutions, Richard C. Strong seeks to provide excellent in court representation combined with sound legal advise for the individual facing prosecution. Mr. Strong has represented persons charged with a variety of criminal offenses from minor driving offenses to serious felonies. He has been able to achieve positive results for his clients through acquittals at trial, winning suppression motions, and decreased criminal liability through plea-bargaining. Mr. Strong represents persons charged with:


When you are charged with a serious felony, you need a trial attorney at your side that can provide you with the best possible defense. Mr. Strong’s  many years of trial experience allows him to understand how to best present the client’s case. Whether it be for a drug case, financial fraud, or a case involving serious bodily injury, Mr. Strong has the experience and  dedication to provide the  client with the best possible outcomes.


Many misdemeanors come with serious consequences beyond just the criminal conviction. Convictions for simple possession of a controlled substance, domestic assault, or driving under the influence can lead to decreased ability to obtain employment, loss of the right to bear arms, or loss of your driving privileges. Mr. Strong is extremely experienced with these issues and can provide his client with seasoned professional advice as to the best way to meet  their objectives during these cases. Whether that be through trial or negotiation, Mr. Strong strives to provide the client with the best representation available.

Federal Criminal Defense

Mr. Strong’s experience in the Federal Defender’s Office for the Western District of Tennessee exposed him to the many complexities facing the  individual charged with a federal criminal offense.  With experience with constitutional issues, specific federal offenses, and the federal sentencing guidelines, Mr. Strong provides the representation necessary to successfully represent individuals in cases ranging from federal fraud investigations to large drug distribution conspiracies.

Mr. Strong understands that a criminal indictment is one of the most serious legal issues that can befall an individual with ramifications that range from the loss of freedom to collateral consequences including loss of reputation and income.